Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Homemade weight loss pills

I know what you're thinking, there is no pill that makes you lose weight without changing my lifestyle. Well your right without a deficit in calories through.... yeah you guested it; diet and exercise. So why have I titled this weight loss pills? This is because some ingredients actually has been clinically proven for health and nutritional benefits and help aid weight loss. In the so called weight loss pill I have added ingredients that are often found in over priced shop made weight loss pills. 
Some products like caffeine keep us feeling full and energized. Consuming turmeric has been linked to reducing slightly the risk of cancer. Studies have shown chili pepper aids digestion by increasing the body's speed of metabolism. Also, nutrients from fruits and vegetables helps to reduces free radicals which in high doses are toxic to the body. Wheat grass has vitamins, copper and iron. Spirulina has proteins, calcium and iron. I have combined all these ingredients to make a nutritional, boosting health pill. Have you ever tried to eat any of these ingredients on there own? I have and swamp tasting comes to mind. Also, the turmeric started staining my teeth and the chili burnt my mouth... not pleasant at all.  ***Please be aware that the chili still may burn your bum on the way out even if you take it in a pill form***

***Be warned buying ingredients to make your own health/ weight loss pill may save you money***

Step 1: buy the ingredients that you would like, including capsules (pill cases) and mix them in a bowl. Or use them singularly if you like colourful pills. 

Step 2: use the capsule/ pill case to scoop the ingredients into. 

Step 3: take the capsule/ pill with plenty of water

step 4: do a happy dance as you have now saved money :) and will be feeling the health benefits

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

My monthly beauty Birch Box (Decembers box)

Thought I'd share this with you today, my sixth order of the Birch Box came!!! This is a monthly subscription box which contains beauty products coming right to your door, in an adorable pack. Each month it contains 5 different beauty products tailed to my likes and dislikes for only £10 plus £2.95 p&p. I pay for this beauty box monthly and I can unsubscribe at any time.

December's Birch Box is full of festive makeup and products.... Please note, most of the products I have been sent are smaller sample sizes, I have linked below on where to find the full product.

1) The birch box actually came in a cute bag this month. A Christmasy green suede bag with cross over leather like and glittery design on the front. This bag will be ideal to put my makeup in when attending my work Christmas party.

2) This cute little box contains two of the Benefits products; an eyeliner (they're real) and an eye gel (Puff off). I love Benefits makeup so having this in my birch box this month was a lovely surprise.

The push up Eyeliner seen in the picture below was lovely to apply costing £18.50 for 1.4gs on the Benefits website. After applying this I realised I had two gym classes booked instead of taking this off I gave the eyeliner the ultimate test whilst doing hardcore exercise. To my surprise the eyeliner stayed on without smudging, I even had trouble getting this off in the shower after my workout.

This eye gel by Benefit came in a cute little tube. For a 10mls tube of Benefits Puff off eye gel would cost £22.50. This is very costly, however, I imagine it would last a long time as I've used my 2.5mls tube a number of times and I still have loads left. This product does relieve puffy eyes however I am very mindful of the ingredients list as it seems to have a lot of things in that I am sure what it is. My go to moisturizer would be 100% organic coconut oil or 100% organic vitamin E oil. Both of these are natural and I know what i'm putting on my body. Some products have harmful chemicals in and I would only use these in moderation a bit like how often ideally we should eat junk foods with no nutritional value.

3) Model co lipstick in Smitten is a lovely festive colour. Nicely applied, moisturizing and vibrant. A really nice redy colour for a festive night out. This lipstick comes in a trio pack for £15.50 from the Birch box website.

4) This beautiful blue nail varnish called pool party by Ciate also came with this monthly Birch box. To buy 13.5ml of this it would cost £9 form the Ciate website. I really love this colour, bright and lasted for a few days without chipping. This is ideal for me as I work in a hospital so have to take nail varnish off when I go to work.

5) Cathrine Malandrino Syyle de Paris fragrance with cost £60 for 50mls. The description describes this as a Italian mandarin, ruby red grapefruit, and Nashi pear. This scent is very fruity and the scent seems to last all day. I personally love the smell of this however it is very pricey.

6) Embryolisse nourishing moisturizer lait-creme which on the website is described as "a creamy lotion that is really three products in one: the make-up artists use it as a primer, moisturizer, and make-up remover." For 20mls this cost £20 on the Embryolisse website. I love this product as it has three uses so even though it's pricey it might save me buying a few different products. The only negative i can think of is again the ingredients list as it may not be suitable for sensitive skin because there is perfume in it.

7) Tao Tai Chi White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren is a foaming shower gel. I was surprised when I used this it smelt lovely and was so foamy leaving my skin silky soft. However, I normally stay away from aerosol type bottles due to the effective on the O-zone layer and global warming. I know me not buying aerosol may not save the world but it makes me feel like I am helping. Also, a read a article a few years back stating that the aerosols could be linked to cancers, even there is not empirical research behind this it has always stayed in my mind. This is why I try and use mostly pure organic products but do use other products in moderation.

Monday, 7 December 2015

How to sew clips on strips of hair extensions

The ready to use clip on hair extensions can be very costly. I like to cut my own strips and sew clips on myself. Not only do I save money this way but I have full flexibility on how long I want the pieces and how many clips I like to use.  I have used hair extensions for many years now. Even when my hair was long I would use strips of hair extensions to make my hair thicker and fuller. Keep reading if you would like to see how I sew clips on strips of hair extensions.
First I went to buy the things I need (see the list below). I actually paid twice as much for my hair extensions at a local shop. When I searched the brand I bought I realised I had been over charged. Now I know the colour and brand I like I will in the future buy this off the brand website. If I change my hair colour I might even go to the shop and match the hair colour and buy this off the EI hair extensions website.

Stage 1
List of things I needed
2) Hair clips (2 x 12 clips £10.70)
3) Thread (can be bought from most shops)
4) Sewing needle (can be bought from most shops)
5) Scissor (can be bought from most shops)

Stage 2
I then cut the hair extensions in strips, using two layers. I placed the bright blonde on the top layer.

I cut using the scissor 5 strips in total measuring the differ areas of my head.

Stage 3
I sewed the top of the strips to keep the two layers together. And then I sewed the clips onto the top of the hair extensions, I made sure the clips were facing down as I prefer them this way. I used two clips for pieces 1, 2 and 5. I used four clips for pieces 2 and 3.

Stage 4
Finally I clip them in and instantly feel fabulous. It is amazing how lovely how having longer thicker hair makes me feel. Mmmm now just to find something to wear :) 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Barry M Sunset Nail Paint review

I have always wanted longer nails having previously used acrylic nails which often left my nails damaged and weak. I have been using Barry M day light curing top coat to keep my nails strong and natural looking. Due to working as a Mental Health Nurse wearing coloured nail polish is not an option.  I applied two thick layers of the Barry M day light curing top coat nail polish, leaving each layer to dry. The idea behind using this nail varnish (paint) was that it could be cured by day light; no need for a IV lamp and should be long lasting like gel nails. However, I found that the nail varnish would come off in one piece after only two days of application. I came to realise that any oils in my nails made it difficult for the product to stick and therefore made it come off. I had heard that applying vinegar to the nail bed before application would help remove any oils. Using this tip helped the Barry M day light curing top coat to stay on for over a week with no chipping. I was delighted that this use of a regular house product would have a great result.

 When I have days off work I like to use this time to try out different colours of nail varnishes and try new nail varnishes. In the picture below I am wearing "do it like a nude" and "make me teal" (on the ring finger). I really love the teal colour and think it is vibrant, super shiny and bold. However, I would have to think about what I was wearing for the day as I found out a lot of colours clashed with this colour. Overall I found the Barry M day light curing nails varnish a bargain for the money (£4.99 each) considering a decent gel polish could normally set you back £10 plus. Also, the Barry M day light curing nail varnishes were long lasting and super shiny. I am looking forward to try out more of the colours Barry M has to offer in this range.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Metallic Eye Make-up

I recently noticed that the metallic eye make-up is everywhere, in magazines and on makeup websites. Vogue.co.uk states Gold, silvers, copper, bronze provide the prefect palette for many beauty looks this winter. I decided I would wear the metallic eye make-up to a work conference and posted step by step on how I achieved this look.

Step 1: I used Naked 2 palette shade blackout (£38 from Debenhams), to cover the whole eye lid area and extending the shade outwards.

Step 2: I used Rimmel London eye shadow shade 103 Back Stage (£1 from the local Pound store), in the middle of my eyelid and blended it with the black.

Step 3: Then I used Rimmel shade 034 (again £1 from the local pound store) to put into the crease and the bottom of the lid blending with the other eye shadow shades.

Step 4: Finally I added a thin liquid eyeliner against the lash line (Sleek black eyeliner £4.49 from the local drug store). I put my foundation on after I have done my eye make-up as this corrects any smudges, making my make-up look fresher. I used Nivea mousse in shade 05 Apricot (£5.95 from Amazon) to conceal red patches and my under eye area. Then I applied Dolce & Gabbana foundation in shade 140 Soft Sand (£27.99 fromDolcegabbana.com).

To see how I put on my semi individual eyelashes check out the link.


Friday, 20 February 2015

How I put my semi individual eyelashes on?

Step 1- Making sure I have all the items listed

***Disclaimer- the glue I use is hair bonding glue and is not recommended to go near your eyes. I am showing you what I do. Copy at your own risk.

Step 2- Wash my face and make sure my face is free from mascara.

Step 3- apply a little drop of the glue in a small dish

Step 3- pull the eyelashes off using my tweezers, dip the end in the glue.

Step 4- Place the eyelash with glue on the end on top on my eyelashes (near the eyelid) Making sure that I am very careful not to get the glue in my eye or poke an eye out with my tweezers.

Step 4- Follow step 3 & 4, placing the eyelashes with gaps and leave to dry. When dried filled in the gaps with eyelashes until they look filled. 

Where have I been?

I have been away from blogging for a while. My blog had to be deleted as it malfunctioned and I want to have time to continuously blog before I restarted. I am planning to continue blogging at least once a week about beauty, fashion and health.

I am nearly a qualify mental health nurse now, after three stressful years of University to say the least. I can honestly say they have been the hardest three years of my life. The pressures of University work and working full time as a senior care assistant has pushed me to my limits. In September, I finally qualify and I'm on course to achieving a 1st in my degree. Then I have plenty more time to do the things I love and have more money to buy things I love.

I'm looking forward to my holiday in May with my FiancĂ© and trying to get more toned. I have been eating clean/detoxing for a week and have lost 1/2 stone so far and have been running 3 miles three times a week. Hopefully by May I will feel and look more toned and be ready to hit the beach in a very skimpy bikini.